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Undivided Attention The Mixtape (2011)

1.Pitt- Intro (Wack Rappers)

2.Pitt- Ramblin

3.Pitt- Uh Oh Im So Throwed

4.Pitt- I Aint Never Gave A Fuck Ft. J. Reese

5.Pitt- Savior Ft. Tommy G

6.Pitt- I Know Ft. Big Unk

7.Pitt- From The South Ft. YDC

8.Pitt- Pussy Niggaz Ft. Tommy G

9.Pitt- Jon Boi

10.Pitt- Cant Run Game On Me Ft. Tommy G

11.Pitt- Wheres my Drank Ft. YDC

12.Pitt- Locked Out Ft. Tommy G

13.Pitt- Late Nite Kreep Ft Big Zeus, Tommy G

14.Pitt- I Grind Ft T Dark, D Loc

15.Pitt- Come Get Sum Ft. Tommy G

16.Pitt- Killem Witta 16 Ft. Tommy G

17.Pitt- Hol Up Ft. Chell Ro, Tommy G, Shay Coop, YDC

18.Pitt- Ride 2 The Southside

19.Pitt- Beat It Up(Late Nite Kreep Remix) Ft. Tommy G

20.Pitt- Grippin Grain Remix Ft. D Loc, Tommy G

21.Pitt- Life Outro



1.Pitt- Knawmtalmbot

2.Pitt- I Do Me

3.Pitt- Bout It

4.Pitt- I Always Hold It Down Ft. YDC

5.Pitt- Back Back Back Ft. YDC

6.Pitt- Flatline Ft. T Dark

7.Pitt- Fa Sho

8.Pitt- Watch Me Ball Ft. YDC

9.Pitt- Stripper

10.Pitt- I Aint Stressin

11.Pitt- Jus Countin My Change

12.Pitt- Lemme Be Ur Soldier Ft. YDC

13.Pitt- Lemme Vent

14.Pitt- Paul masson Ft. Al B Of 2 Throwed Minds

15.Pitt- Follow Me

16.Pitt- Pop Another Bottle

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