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Hometown: Beaumont, TX

Birthday: June 27th

Zodiac: Cancer

Power Level: 31,000,000,000

Overall: 98

Pitt always had a passion for music. He began writing rhymes at the age of 14 with a few friends and would record them to beats when they were bored.  His personality is always described as "animated", which makes sense because Pitt has been drawing since he was first able to pick up a pencil.  He started animating cartoons in 2013 when he realized that he can actually do it, I mean, who hasn't thought about making there own cartoons. Inspired by animators on youtube like Kartoon Management and FILNOBEP, he decided to take his animating to the next level. Figuring out ways to integrate his passions (Art and Music) onto one platform, he focused on building a fanbase on youtube. Today Pitt, though he is still considered a small youtuber, has hit several of his personal milestones in his journey to becoming a successful youtuber. On this site we are hoping to give you an idea of the creativity, hardwork, determination and overall talent of Pitt, the man behind PittTV!!

By the way.....I wrote this LMAO don't judge me.....I know I be trippin....made it sound good though right? ...LMAO